What I wore:: The Joules Tweed Fieldcoat

When Steven presented me with my Christmas gifts this past December I couldn’t believe that among the nicely wrapped boxes was the Joules Tweed Fieldcoat, which has been my dream coat for ages!


UK lifestyle blogger with puppy

Joules is one of my favourite British brands,known for the striped tops, Wellington boots and classic tweed fieldcoats, Joules is one of the places I could spend my salary all at once without having any regrets whatsoever!

I’ve been throwing hints to Steven about this coat, commenting on the tweed style and bespoke trims and how it reminds me of Scotland. Luckily for me, he was taking notes…


And so on the Christmas day, when we all sat around the conservatory opening our gifts, Steven gave me a big box that its content made my eyes watery because this fieldcoat is exactly what I was hoping for, Santa Claus really exists!

The Joules tweed fieldcoat
The Joules tweed fieldcoat



The Joules tweed fieldcoat jacket


As soon as everyone had unwrapped their gifts we christened the coat by walking in the snowy woods with Cruz. Wearing the fieldcoat kept me warm  and made me feel like I had dressed up. I put the final outfit touches by adding my Barbour knit beanie and tartan scarf and I didn’t feel the tiniest cold for the entire walk.


Cruz was also well equipped and stylish for the cold Scottish fields. He was wearing his new grey fleece jacket from L.L. Bean that is the only piece of clothing that he can stand wearing! We got him so many gifts for Christmas including a few jumpers but as soon as we put them on him, poor boy, he gets so sad. For some weird reason he thinks that by wearing a sweater he is being punished for something. However, this is not the case for this fleece jacket and it makes me so happy as I loved it too.


It is very soft and light weight so I suppose this makes him feel comfortable wearing it. It is also machine washable so at the end of a muddy walk I pop it in the laundry and don’t give it a second thought.





We wandered through the fields for a good while before it started pouring cats and dogs so we decided to return back home a bit earlier than expected. Steven’s mum had seen the storm coming and she prepared some soup for us that was waiting on the table along with warm bread and glasses of wine. We devoured our food and then sat by the fireplace playing  table games with Steven’s brother.


I, of course, kept the Joules fieldcoat on me until I got boiling. And when the time came to get it off I carefully hanged it on the back of the bedroom door, keeping it tight until the next outdoors adventure…


Anastasia x



sweater-Ralph Lauren

beanie-c/o Barbour

scarf-c/o Barbour


boots-c/o Sorel

Cruz’s jacket-c/o L.L. Bean



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  • Steff
    January 13, 2017

    I think Cruz just knows he looks the most handsome in tweed! 😉 Your jacket looks lovely and warm, you fit into the Scottish countryside perfectly! xo

    • Anastasia
      January 13, 2017

      The little rat, he is so cute isn’t he?xx

  • Charlotte
    April 8, 2020

    Hi, what colour is the coat, so hard to tell from the pictures whether it is green or blue. Thank you!