Knight Residence Apartments Edinburgh

It was last year around this time that we decided over coffee and cakes at the Natbee’s headquarters to accept invitations and review only 5* hotels and nothing less than that. The reason being that we love the occasional spa treatment and a good swimming pool to relax always accompanied by a majestic breakfast table. And since we took that decision we’ve been receiving more and more invitations to 5* hotels, it seems that the law of attraction really works after all! However, if there is one thing we have learned all these years of travelling and reviewing places is that the number of stars doesn’t necessarily express the quality of the service. For example we have been to some brilliant 4* hotels that would deserve to have the 5* title, however lacking the gym and spa premises they couldn’t be awarded the additional star. Quite unfair if you ask me but the policies are policies and there’s nothing to be done.


Last week, we found ourselves in Edinburgh. We were working on a project with a bank and two local restaurants that made it an excuse good enough to spend the night in the capital. However, it was one of these weekends that we didn’t have the time to relax and enjoy any sort of spa services neither did we want to wake up in the morning to enjoy the breakfast menu as with so much food involved around restaurant reviews there has to be a balance as to how much we eat and a smoothie from Hula Juice Bar would do the job just right. So we decided to get a bit out of our normal pattern and stay in apartments instead of a hotel! This idea is not new to us, we had stayed a few years ago in apartments in Aberdeen and loved the freedom the extra space gives you. So without further ado we found ourselves next to the Grassmarket area, checking in the Knight Residence Apartments.


Where: Knight Residence Apartments

When: April 2017

The Knight Apartments by Mansley Edinburgh

From London to Edinburgh and Inverness, the Mansley Apartments offer high service, quality accommodation with properties full of character that make you feel at home away from home! They are ideal to stay with friends or family as you get to have your own space without being isolated from the rest of the group. As it was just the two of us, we got a double bedroom guestroom with our own living room, spacious bathroom and kitchen!  The receptionist was very polite, and I personally loved the fact that he had a gorgeous dog as his personal assistant. As we come from a family of dog lovers I adore when I see places show some love and respect to our furry friends.

The Knight Apartments by Mansley Edinburgh

Our flat was neat, clean and extremely well equipped! We were left a basket full of goodies in the kitchen for breakfast the next day. The rooms were very spacious and the whole flat felt very airy and homely. There was a selection of DVD movies to watch, a big TV and comfortable sofas, so I could totally see why families would rather book an apartment than a hotel room! Also the living room had a big table along the windows that made it the perfect spot for a tea break, or in our situation, laying down our laptops and papers and get started into working on our projects. Always accompanied by Earl Grey and biscuits!

The Knight Apartments by Mansley Edinburgh

The bathroom had a big bathtub, a huge mirror, soft towels and bathrobes. It was clean and had everything you’d need!

The Knight Apartments by Mansley Edinburgh

The bedroom was my favourite room in the apartment. The bed was very comfortable and had some sort of Scandinavian aesthetics that really got into me. Even though the one apartment is next to the other we felt like we had our own privacy and we didn’t hear any noises from the nearby residents. So it got some extra bonus for this!

The Knight Apartments by Mansley Edinburgh

As soon as our work was done, we headed out to the city centre that was literally a breath away, and had some beers at the Grassmarket pubs, always feeling some sort of reassurance in the know that our bed was just a few steps away.


Have you ever visited the Knight Residence Apartments in Edinburgh? How was your visit?



  • Our visit was complimentary in exchange of a review, but all opinions expressed are mine.


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  • Adriana
    May 25, 2017

    The bed looks so comfortable!