Kotryna Bass

If you are an avid reader of this blog then I am sure you have noticed a change going on for the past weeks or so, a new blog design and a fresh look for the new season.

Kotryna, from the Kotryna Bass blog contacted me sometime ago if I would like her to do a new blog design for me. Having seen her amazing work at various blogs and at one of my favourite’s, the Beauty Crush, I knew she was the right person to discuss about my blog’s design.

I picked the Classy Lady from the pre-made templates  and did the installation myself, which I have to admit was a piece of cake, courtesy of Kotryna’s very detailed instructions and installation plan 🙂
On top of this, Kotryna was always happy to help and online answering my questions before, during and after installation.

I am delighted with the new design and very satisfied with Kotryna’s services. Not to mention that I got a new blog friend in my cards, haha 🙂

If you wanna follow Kotryna’s awesome blog then visit her here and if you are looking for a new blog design then this is the place to go 🙂



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