It’s been a whirlwind of work & stress for me these past weeks. I delivered two talks within one day – the one being at the Scottish CIPR – finished a gazillion of measurements (hello 13 hour shifts) that would otherwise take me months to complete and also applied for 4 job positions. Even writing this list makes me feel tired, but if there is one thing I have learned about myself is that I can function 100% under stress and pressure.


So with all this happening in my life I was so happy to be invited for a weekend of fun in Edinburgh, including a stay at the Knight Residence and a lovely meal at La Petite Mort! So please excuse my tired face and let me take you to a virtual tour around this weekend…


Le Petite Mort Edinburgh review


Friday morning I finalised everything in the lab and headed to Edinburgh, Instagramming and vlogging my way along. I arrived in Edinburgh a few hours later and left my things at the Knight Residence before heading for a pint around the Grassmarket. It was so sunny and warm, I could do with a pair of shorts or a summer dress but I was wearing my white jeans and new Boden shirt, and that was equally fine 🙂


La Petite Mort cocktails Edinburgh


After wandering around the streets of the Old Town I made my way to La Petite Mort, a restaurant in the Tollcross area, where the rumour has it Sean Connery once used to deliver milk! La Petite Mort, has a very friendly environment and the welcoming staff made us feel at ease immediately. I had heard of the restaurant before when a friend told me that they were offering some special cocktails that you had to order 24 hours in advance as they are being infused overnight! So when our lemon & thyme cocktail arrived on the table I was curious to try and see if it stands up to the expectations and it certainly did! At first it felt light and I could taste the subtle lemon flavour, however after a few sips I realised it is a strong cocktail with some fair amount of alcohol in it so I should probably take it easy. It was truly delicious in every sense and we much enjoyed it!


La Petite Mort Edinburgh review


For starter I got the crab mascarpone and chive parcels, the courgette was rolled to create a delicious nest filled with mascarpone and crab cream. The cream was light and the crab taste was coming in the background of all the flavours. It felt pretty refreshing to my palette and a great start to what was about to follow…


La Petite Mort Edinburgh review


…a delicious oven roast fillet of lemon sole served on a press of courgette and aubergine and puy lentils. It also had a mini salad of roast tomatoes, fennel and some tarragon velouteon the side  which was remarkable. If I could have this tarragon veloute accompanying all my dishes I would be the happiest person on Earth!


La Petite Mort Edinburgh review


We finished off the night with a few hot drinks (too full to have a dessert) and I had a delightful Bailey’s latte (my first ever)! My mum loves adding a bit of Bailey’s in her coffee and now I understand why. The fat from the milk makes the caffeine feel less strong but it brings all the flavours in the mouth. It didnt feel like drinking an alcoholic beverage but it certainly helped me calm and relax and it was soooo tasty I’d love to have another one right now!


And that’s how Friday in Edinburgh went…


You can find more about La Petite Mort here or have a glance in their menu here.


What is your favourite kind of cuisine?

Anastasia x


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