Afternoon tea at La Sultana Hotel-travelling to Marrakesh

Currently I am on a sugar free diet, trying to detox myself from all the unhealthy eating habits I adapted lately. So the struggle going through my Marrakesh pictures of this afternoon tea at La Sultana is sooooo real right now!

La Sultana is a breath away the centre of Marrakesh, overlooking Les Tombeaux Saadiens and the colourful rooftops.

We popped in just before the sunset, to taste some traditional mint tea, along with some local and oh, so delicious mini desserts-might have eaten more than eight-true scenario!

The views from up here are breath-taking! You have the city centre on one side and the Koutoubia mosque on the other side. The rooftop of La Sultana is a place for friend or family gatherings, it is very peaceful, the atmosphere screams “luxury” and I was so smitten with our waiter… La Sultana hotel Marrakesh La Sultana hotel Marrakesh La Sultana hotel Marrakesh

…I mean LOOK at this, he could pour us hot mint tea into teacups without spilling a drop outside ^^

while the rest of the staff were getting down into serious business preparing a tray of delicious desserts, including my favourite Mlouza, that’s almond cookies. So aromatic, so good! La Sultana hotel Marrakesh

I decided to call them nibbles of happiness and got the recipe to bake them myself this weekend-after the detox is over (clearly)…

Having satisfied our cravings and need to make friendships with the locals, we headed for a little bit of exploration around the hotel premises-you know just in case one of us decides to come back, say in a few months time…

The dandelion lights game was quite strong, as well as the rooftop arches architecture…

However, what really got my attention was the swimming pool and the gardens…

 Can someone buy me a permanent residence here? Please and thank you 🙂

Stunning designs and even more stunning decoration, I sincerely fall in love with this place and would love to stay for at least once in my life.

At this point I would like to thank La Sultana for the lovely hospitality and the Moroccan Tourism Board for getting us to the best places Marrakesh has to offer.

More of Marrakesh..tomorrow…

x Anastasia


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