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practising gratitude

On Practising gratitude!

>> Our lifestyle advice contributor, Joanne, discusses about practising gratitude on a daily basis and the changes this has brought in her life << 


For years and years I read magazine articles displaying the magic of ‘gratitude’. However, up until I was 26 years old, it never occurred to me to pay close attention to what these articles were actually trying to tell me… practising gratitude

When I started appreciating the little things in life, like the freshly squeezed orange juice my boyfriend would bring on the breakfast table and the handmade birthday card my sister would send me, I started being truly happy! practising gratitude

In most days our mind is cloudy, filled with unnecessary worries and overwhelming information, restricting us from noticing the little miracles happening around us and allowing us to appreciate life in all its glory. Here, I provide you with a wee 10 days of Gratitude plan hoping to help you be more happy with what you already have in life.  Go ahead and try it at least for a week, these positive habits will change your attitude and whole well being…towards a happier life! practising gratitude


Day 1:: What moment of this week are you most grateful for?

Day 2:: Who in your life are you grateful for?

Day 3:: What holiday are you grateful for?

Day 4:: What talent that you have are you grateful for?

Day 5:: What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for? practising gratitude

Day 6:: What sound(s) are you grateful for today?

Day 7:: What virtue you have are you grateful for?

Day 8:: What of your abilities are you grateful for?

Day 9:: What friend are you grateful for?

Day 10:: What about your body are you grateful for?


Start a journal answering all these questions, one every day and try to explain the reasons for feeling grateful for each of these particular reasons.

Some other ways to practice gratitude are:: practising gratitude

❤ Send ‘thank you’ note to a friend. Just because!

❤ Be grateful for your health and never take it fro granted.

❤ Random acts of kindness, let that be a ‘good morning‘ to the homeless person, or driving one of your colleagues home from work.

Do you practice gratitude?


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