Life // Denim dress outfit and my working space decoration

Life // Denim dress outfit and my working space decoration
UK fashion blogger in Edinburgh

outfit: denim dress-c/oWalk Trendy ($26.99), sandals-Primark

Mini skirt
Life at the moment is crazy. We are heading down in Edinburgh to attend two events on Thursday and Friday and then fly to Corfu on Saturday morning. In the meantime I have to:
a) make sure I got everything in my luggage
b) finish any job related paperwork backlogs
c) plan at least three scheduled posts for while being away.
Even though it may not sound like a big deal, doing all these within such a limited amount of time feels like climbing mountain Kilimanjaro. sort of. okay. I might be exaggerating a bit!
This is what I wore today before my photoshooting’s outfit as seen on my instagram; it was very windy and chilly (hello goosebumps) but I love this denim dress so much I wanted to take at least a few pictures before going away.

Right now I am blogging on a few more posts that are scheduled to be posted later on in time, if hopefully everything goes alright and I won’t mess around with blogger settings. Genius blogger here #not
blogging desk area
working space decoration
Since I spent most of my free time blogging at Steven’s place I thought it was worth showing you a few pics of the working space area.
favourite mug

^ ^ I cannot agree anymore with the first line of this quote 🙂

desktop decoration
In all honesty I love the decoration of this space. The mug and heart ornament are Steven’s mum courtesy, this woman has a serious taste of interior design and decoration. One day hopefully I will make my work desk as beautiful as this one. (Day)dreaming again, aren’t I?

Keep checking on the blog for daily updates and if you want to see my Edinburgh and Corfu moments, follow me on Instagram (find me as @natbeesfashion) for life catch-ups and gorgeous landscapes (and a ridiculous amount of ice cream shots).



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