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Being lazy as hell I woke up and snoozed at bed for as it seems an hour, since Steven had already woke up and prepared breakfast-scrambled eggs & smoked salmon in croissant- while I was still dreaming of …. dresses…. and I blame it on the fact that we watched the 27 dresses movie last night on BBC.

After eating we took sometime playing jenga with clementines, listening to music and dancing to Trouble-Ray LaMontagne (as cheeky as it sounds).
Edinburgh looked as glorious as ever with only a few clouds in the sky so we went for a city stroll before driving to the gardens. I got to have a look at Topshop’s latest collection and I fall for this denim skirt, so perfect for summertime 🙂

The Edinburgh Gardens.
First time visiting this place and I loved it! I dont know if it is because of this time of the year but I love being close to the nature, reading all the latin names of the plants/trees, sniffing the flowers like a dog and touching their leaves. It really feels like paradise to me 🙂

Still in the gardens, looking around admiring the simple beauty of nature. Look at these fellas, aren’t they the cutest ever?

Natbeesfashion UK lifestyle blogger in Edinburgh
Famished as we were we devoured our Mexican feast at the Pancho Villas, a lovely Mexican restaurant that I will blog about our experience tomorrow-totally worth a visit-thanks Steven’s mum for the recommendation!
Me: eating ice cream
Steven: drinking coffee
….still at the restaurant

Natbeesfashion UK lifestyle blogger in Edinburgh
Drinks at the Whiski Bar-another first for me!

Whiski Bar Edinburgh by Natbeesfashion lifestyle blogger
Second round of drinks; The Highlander for Steven and The Kilt for me.

Natbeesfashion UK lifestyle blogger in Edinburgh
Walking back home and coming across this lovely exhibition of vintage cars made me totally happy; they were nicely polished and this particular one stand out in the darkness.
Back home watching the Gogglebox, which found me thinking that even though it is a waste of time, it is also great fun with all these different characters and their funny reactions 🙂

How was our weekend? Happy Easter to all my Christian Orthodoks friends 🙂


P.S: Thanks for all your lovely comments on my latest post, I promise to check your blogs/updates as soon as life will be a bit less hectic-hello 3 conferences in a row!


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