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I will be skipping an outfit from the 30 for 30 remix challenge today in order to answer your questions. I wasn’t expecting so many reactions on my social media, so apart from being excited I would like to thank you all for your interest and time.
Off we go!

Are you a vegetarian? I take it from your instagram posts that you do not eat meat, am I right?
This is not completely true. I am more like a pescatarian than a vegetarian. I have not eatten beef or pork for many years and I survive on lentils, vegetables, rice, pasta, fish and fruits. I have to admit though that I rarely might eat some chicken breasts, and by rarely I mean once per month or once per two months.
As far as I remember myself, even as a child, I did not like the taste of meat, so eating beef was not on the top of my favourite foods list. Eventually and by the time I was living alone I was able to cook my own food and had clear preferences on vegetables and lentils. However, I became more and more passionate about this diet after studying about the benefits of not eating meat on the human health and the environment in general. Plus I think it is extremely cruel to kill animals for the purpose of pleasuring our appetite. We can do better than that!

I would love to know about your origins, where do you come from?
I was born and raised in a small town, called Servia in Western Macedonia, Greece. It is a very beautiful place to visit especially during summer as there is a lake nearby and many historical sites to visit. You can have a sneak peek of the lake in this video. If you want to know more about Servia, you can read some information here.

What is the colour of your eyes?
It is a light honey colour with green splashes around the crown and it changes from time to time. In summer it gets darker and in winter it gets lighter.

Where do you stay? Where do you study?
I live and study in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK and possibly the world! Scotland is a relatively small country, so I travel almost every weekend to Glasgow and some times in Stirling to meet some of my friends. I definitely recommend anyone who has never visited this country to pay a visit as soon as possible.

Any good places to visit in Scotland? 
There are so many good places to visit in Scotland! Let’s start from Stirling, where the castle and the church of the holy rude are two of the places I like the most. In Edinburgh, go and see the castle, the St. Giles cathedral, the zoo, the National Gallery and the Princes Street Gardens. When in Glasgow, visit the Kelvingrove art gallery and museum, the University of Glasgow (feels like Hogwarts) and the Botanic Gardens. If you are visiting Aberdeen, go to the Old Aberdeen, the King’s College Chapel and the beach. The Scotch Whisky experience is also not to be missed. I am not a huge fan of alcohol but for the whisky lovers, I think Scotland is the place to be!

Since you are a Ph.D student, do you think that in order for someone to succeed, being clever is necessary? 
Absolutely not! I can name many people who have a Ph.D but are not even close to be characterised as clever. The success of a Ph.D student lies in studying. Being a Ph.D student it means that you devote some years of your life studying a specific area, as much as no one else has done it before. To me, how clever a Ph.D student is lies in how time it takes to understand and execute an experiment,  so subsequently how much time you sacrifice from your personal time. I try not to spend all my time in studying and miss all that happens around me. I love travelling, socialising and having fun in general, so I cannot imagine my life missing this important part during the best decade of my life. Balance is the key to everything!
The best judgement of cleverness for a Ph.D student is the amount of publications he/she can squeeze out of a project. Getting a Ph.D and not managing to get at least 3 publication of a project it means that something is wrong and let’s be honest, no one likes to be called a phony Dr. and no one hires a phony Dr.!
Of course there are always exceptions and in some specific areas it is extremely difficult to get a publication compared to some others. Likewise, in some industrial funded projects, the Ph.D students are not allowed to publish any information of their project until they graduate. Nevertheless, I don’t think that someone has to be clever in order to get a Ph.D including myself.

What is the best thing about blogging for you?
There are many positive things about blogging. The blogsphere is a supportive community with people who are always willing to help each other and I made some great friends, who I would have never met under other circumstances. Personally blogging has helped me to gain more self confidence and awareness. Now, I am more familiar with the concept of taking a picture to show my outfit, than I was some years ago. All in all to me blogging is not only a place to write and share, it is also a confidence boost pill and a part time job.

Do you make money by blogging?
I do make money from blogging but not enough money to make a living! I pay all my expenses from my salary and I occasionally make some money from writing articles, advertising products and making wishlists. In addition, I receive many gifts for free. Everything that is being send to me as a gift is labelled as c/o (courtesy of) in the outfit details section of each post and all paid posts are characterised as sponsored posts at the footnote of each post.

How do you manage blogging and working at the same time?
All comes down to priorities. Some times I will refuse an invitation to a late night dinner because I have to blog. I have many sponsors who I do not want to disappoint by not posting about their products on time so in order to be able to manage blogging and working, sometimes I miss the real world (or have a couple of sleepless nights).

What is your favourite TV show?
I am afraid I am going to disappoint you with this answer but I don’t watch that much television or movies. I used to watch Criminal Minds and as weird as it might sound I have never seen an episode of Gossip Girl!

What is the best book you have ever read?
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. I read it some years ago when I was studying plant physiology and toxicology. It was suggested by one of my lecturers and at first I believed that it was a book that wouldn’t capture my interest, but I was so wrong. In this book Rachel managed to tell in her own way the damage effects of DDT (an agrochemical) to the world and that there should be an awareness before we destroy this planet and we all die from cancer. I believe she was way in front her era.

Will you keep blogging after the end of your Ph.D?
When I first started blogging, over five years ago I never imagined I would keep it so long. At first it was a personal diary and by the end of 2010 it turned into a personal style/fashion blog. Of course, when I took part at the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2012, I had to delete many of the previous posts as they were not fashion related and I felt that they were a little bit too personal. There is no doubt this blog has changed my perspective for life, I became more confident and creative, I do not spend as much money as I used in shopping and I am no longer afraid to wear whatever I want.
It is really difficult to guess whether I will keep up with blogging or not after the end of my studies, and I guess being a lecturer and blogger is a great contradiction. However, I believe that for as long as I enjoy blogging I will keep doing it, there is no point and pleasure in forcing myself to post things. So as long as I like it and have the time to do it, Natbee’s fashion will be still here. Certainly, I cannot comfort you that this will still be a personal style blog after years, but there is always the chance to turn it into a lifestyle-travelling blog. So stay tuned and we will see how this ends (if ever!)

That’s it for now folks. Thank you all and I hope by answering these questions I have satisfied your curiosity and gave you an inside of my life.




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