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Breakfast time
In the past I used to have a love/hate relationship with eggs. There were times that I would be absolutely craving them and others that I wouldn’t want to be close to them.

Luckily, for the past years or so I am on the love train and eggs are my favourite snack option and breakfast heaven 🙂

Breakfast time
While in the midst of planning our summer getaway, Steven asked me if I would love some soldier & eggs aka soft boiled eggs that you can dip toasted bread in-if you are not familiar with the British. Boy, would I?
Make mine not too soft, please I said while he walked in the kitchen and I kept writing down our summer plans.

Breakfast time
He came back in table just on time I was writing a list of Greek islands I would like to visit with him and I got mesmerised by the colours, I mean seriously look at these eggs!!!

Breakfast time
As predicted, I stopped dreaming/writing/planning and digged in the eggs. Heaven! Not too soft, not too hard, simply perfect and ultra tasty with buttered bread.

At the moment I am left with a half finished list of summer plans and cravings.
Have you made any summer plans yet?


P.S: Have you noticed my new blog template, courtesy of Pretty Wild Things, soon there’s more to come about it, so stay tuned!


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