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Night in with Gwen
Gwen is one of my best friends; we met last year randomly while walking through a park in the middle of the night without lights, spooky, right? We both were a wee bit scared, started talking to each other and by the time we exit the park we were holding each other arm in arm!
Night in with Gwen
Being friends with Gwen has always been easy as breathing, she is a very easy going, funny person with a deep level of understanding that surprises me all the time given the youth of her age.
Last night and after her late Starbucks shift she came home to visit me and see how I am coping with my recovery.
Night in with Gwen
Grapes and chocolate bars and Starbucks honey&almond hot chocolate all coming your way, she said and by the time she arrived the chocolate was not hot anymore and she was completely soggy and cold from the heavy rain outside.
Night in with Gwen
After drying Gwen and making sure she was warm again we put the Starbucks chocolates in the microwave and the night started rolling.. boys, life, Uni and work were are main issues….and as per usual we ended up questioning ourselves why we are not siblings for real?

Thank you cookie for the lovely night, cheers to the many more that will follow!



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