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Have you ever found yourself living for the weekend? Letting the weekdays go by and then by the time it is Friday you are being left questioning everyone when did this week go by?
Well welcome to my world!

I have been living-for-the-weekends for the past three years and coming to realise this now, it is not the best feeling because in between these weekends there were several weekdays that it is a shame I did not live to the fullest. I decided to change this and I have followed some tricks that make me live every minute of my days and not asking anymore, where did the days go?

1. Be organised 
Easier said than done, but if you think of it how difficult is it to spend two hours every Monday morning and plan the week ahead. I find it easier to write down in my agenta all my meetings along with a few key points I need to mention; it also makes me look more professional and spend my time efficiently which brings me to the second point…

2. Manage your time
Be less connected to social media and more connected in reality. Stop checking your Twitter/Instagram updates every 20 minutes and try to finish that report that you started last evening. While on the go I try to work and finish some paper work-e.g correct student reports while travelling by train-this allows me to spend more time with my boyfriend and/or friends as soon as I get back home.

3. Meditate
Try to do this and meditate anytime, anywhere. I sometimes find myself listening/focusing to my breathing while in a meeting. It is so nice to take away a minute per hour for yourself while being at work and clear your thoughts. It makes helps you become more active and increases your chances to minimise any mistakes. Do this and you will see differences in the way you think after a week. It’s just 8 minutes per day, you can do it 🙂

4. Do things that make you happy
Stereotype but so true! Listen to your favourite playlist, have a small pot on your desk, drink your favourite tea and always have a healthy snack to give you some extra energy when you feel a bit low. I have some of my family’s pictures framed on my desk and everytime I feel tired I look at the picture of my sister smiling to me and I feel the positive energy flowing around me.

It’s all about the little things in life, make a few changes today and you will see the difference in the grand scheme later on.

Do you have any tips to share with me?


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