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Remember this home decluttering I did a while ago? It has been one of the best things I have done lately, that and the Kayla Itsines workout, since creating space in my room and having things in an order made my life easier in many ways.

I am no longer late at work, trying to find my agenda or favourite scarf and I am certainly more happy coming back fro the office and spending at least two hours writing blog posts and answering emails. I get more inspired and motivated to do things and spend my day wisely.

Cleaning and decluterring my room though was not an easy task as I was sentimental with most of the things I gave away hated the possibility of being in need of it after a while. In all honesty though, decluttering is a great thing to do, so today I am sharing with you a few steps to follow for a better and easy living:

Start with the easy stuff, like all these Body Shop or Starbucks tea boxes that are hanging around. You will never need them you will never use them, so what is the point of keeping them?

At the same time make sure that you will not collect another biscuit box because it is cute, or an empty jar jam in case you will need it  to store cotton buds in your bathroom-true story!

For every new piece of clothing that you buy, decide to give another one away or sell it on ebay. This past winter I bought two new jackets, leaving me with no option that to sell some of my clothes in order to make some space in the closet for the new ones. Having too many clothes is a complete waste of money (and time every morning while trying to figure out what to wear) and it is unnecessary as in 100% cases you will stick with two or three jackets for the whole season.

Last but not the least, do not be afraid to give things away, closing an old door opens a new one, remember?

Hope you will find this interesting and will help you into one step forward.
When was the last time you did a closet cleaning/decluttering?



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