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Unfortunately this is not one of my friends, but now that I got your attention…;)
Hey, did someone call me sneaky? 

While moving into the new flat last week, I came to realise how much stuff I own. The moving was smooth thanks to my organizing skills-I labelled boxes after each room and then filled them with items in accordance, made unpacking much easier.
My male friends who kindly helped me in the whole moving procedure, were surprised to see more than one boxes labelled as bathroom and questioned me “what more do you need in the bathroom than soap and shampoo” um, skin care products guys, you know these magic products that make you look younger and make your skin glow!
After moving all my stuff, we sat around the living room table for a cup of tea and I could not help myself from not dropping a couple of questions to find out about men’s skin care routine and the products they use.
Words like Clarisonic, night balm and exfoliating toner resonated like an alien language to most of them, so I promised to enlighten them about the importance of skin care and also suggest them some products that I believe each man should have in his bathroom.
Shave-rinse-get out of the door might have been the standard male routine for many years, but I’ve got news for you guys, skin care products are NOT only for women. Skin, regardless the gender, has needs; daily exposure to atmospheric pollution in combination with a stressful lifestyle make skin care a necessity!
So here’s to you guys, my men’s skin care top tips:

* In the morning, use a cleanser to help unblock the pores and eliminate skin surface debris. Most cleansers have instructions but the general rule is to apply a small amount and then gently massage your face before rinsing it carefully. I would strongly recommend the Clinique face wash, this product makes miracles!
* After that apply a moisturizer (preferably with SPF to protect you from the sun even during the winter days). Choose your moisturizer according to your skin type and be careful not to over do it!
My favourite moisturizer is the Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Daily Moisturizer, it helps restore the luminosity and creates sexy looking skin-exactly what every guy wants!
Along with your moisturizer it would be nice to apply an eye cream around your eyes area, but if you find this too much, I guess you can skip it.
After shaving use a product to calm your skin. I love the Hermes after shave balm, it smells SO good!

Once or twice per week use a Clarisonic, this is a magic device that removes impurities and cleans skin in depth, giving you a glowing result. It cleanses six times better than manual cleansing alone! In case you cannot afford one, a good exfoliator can do the job 🙂

Don’t forget to use a night cream before you go to bed. I am sure your girlfriend will be happy to give you a couple more kisses for the effort 🙂

 happy guy

Hope this has helped you fellas and please let me know if you have any more tips! I didn’t want to get as far as including serums and masks, I think these basic tips is a helpful guideline and a good starting point 🙂

What’s your skin care routine?

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