Picnic in Scotland

Picnic in Scotland
Anastasia UK lifestyle blogger at Natbeesfashion
I try to make the most of this mini summer we are experiencing at the moment up here in Scotland…

picnic in the garden Lifestyle UK blog
picnic in the garden UK lifestyle blogger Natbeesfashion in Scotland
drinking wine in the garden UK lifestyle blog in Scotland
…so me and Steven enjoyed a picnic in the garden before the sunset came around earlier today. He prepared the whole dinner and pretty much all I had to do is bring the daffodils on the table.

UK lifestyle blogger Natbeesfashion featuring Heat Holders

Even though it is sunny during the day, the temperature falls dramatically around sunset, leaving goosebumps all over my body. Hence, I felt utterly grateful when Steven brought me this fleece blanket to snuggle up while sipping wine and waiting for my food to arrive on the table. It is super soft and even though it is light to carry around and thin it holds so much heat, I actually didn’t have to wear a jacket for the next hour or so.

Salmon pie and roast potatoes recipe Natbeesfashion Lifestyle Blog
Natbeesfashion delicious picnic
We had salmon/spinach pie with roasted potatoes and a huge salad.
UK lifestyle blogger
It is so peaceful before the sunset; the birds are singing their melodic songs and the sky turns into a thousand different colours within minutes. Oh, the darling magic of nature!
Can we have more sunny days like this please?



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