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the 3 day detox plan
A while ago I was browsing through Anneli’s blog and stumbled upon this post about her detox experience.

Lately, I was thinking of doing a similar thing as I was feeling a bit down (blame it on all my chocolate cravings), so reading her post encouraged me to give it a go and follow my own smoothie detox journey and post my experience here and on Instagram.

mango yogurt smoothie recipe
First thing first, it wasn’t the easiest task in the world and that comes from a very determined person. Cravings and delicious food cooked by my flatmates got me into temptation several times but Pinterest and the thought that summer holidays are getting closer kept me into the right mind set.
2-snacking on fruits
Instead of doing a juice detox, I went for the 3 day smoothie detox. I think it is easier to follow as smoothies satisfy my texture more than juices. All smoothies were homemade prepared by me and most recipes were found online. In case you would like to give it a go, here’s what I did:
1. Stuff the fridge with all your favourite fruits and vegetables. 
This way you will resist any chocolate temptations and chip cravings (especially at night).
2. Get a fruit processor. 
I got mine from Argos for £20 and it is by far the best investment you can do for a healthy living. Here are my favourites:

3. Through away all the biscuits/chips/cakes you have in the kitchen and start your journey!

4. Download some delicious smoothie recipes from the internet. 
Remember Pinterest is your friend 😉

Here are the recipes of my most favourite smoothies through the whole detox:


smoothies recipe

1 banana
1/2 mango
1/2 apple
1/4 orange
5 tbsp low fat yogurt (or almond milk)
1 tbsp honey 

smoothies making
orange mango smoothie


Vitamic C boost smoothie recipe

1 banana
1 apple
1 kiwi
1/2 orange
1/4 apple
3 tbsp low fat yogurt
1 tbsp seeds (pumkin seeds or anything else that works for you)
2 tbsp honey 

banana, apple, kiwi smoothie recipe
tasty smoothie

Do not forget that before you start any kind of diet or detox you should check with your doctor first.
I found it difficult the first day as I was sleepy because of all the shock my body was going through. However, at the second day I had no cravings or headaches, it felt like my body got used to it somehow. I think starting it during the weekend is the wisest thing to do, as there is no need to work or go to the office (we live, we learn).
I cannot claim that I lost any weight but my belly was less bloated at the end of the detox and also my mood was better. I wouldn’t dare to get is as far as for the rest of the week, but I believe it is a good detox to follow, as after it you feel a little bit more clean inside 🙂

Have you ever done a smoothie or juice detox? Let me know if you are trying this and good luck!



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