How to turn a house into a home!

This must be one of the millionth times I am discussing about moving flats wishlists here, but there is a high chance it is the last one too (exciting stuff happening-bear with me!).


Steven and I decided to buy a flat together after years of spending money on rented properties, which is exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting because we will no longer waste our money on rents and we can (finally) invest into our own property. By doing so though we need to deal with a hell of flat viewings (most of them being totally photoshopped on the agency websites and not looking even close to what we would expect in reality), and flat problems.

We started our flat viewing journey almost two months ago and since then we’ve visited more than 15 properties with the majority of them having roof problems. So even though we were determined to buy a property in the West End of the city, we decided to move a bit away since most of the properties in this area have roof problems and let’s be honest who wants to buy a flat and invest another 10k on fixing roof issues?


Long story make it short, we have finally found a property and are about to place an offer (exciting stuff I told you!), so fingers crossed we sign the contract and get the keys sooner than expected!


With this in mind, I of course, started measuring the room dimensions and making plans in my head on how to decorate the place, for the first time ever in my residency the UK I will be allowed to paint the walls and make this place look like home!

I made a list of all the things we need and that will make our mornings a bit easier (this getting-out-of-bed minutes are the worst minutes of the day for me). So here are a few of the things we have on our LionsHome wishlist at the moment and are hoping to buy as soon as we move in!

moving flats wishlist-LionsHome


1. aprons

2. egg baskets

3. mug holders

4. // 6. // 11. cushions

5. egg cups

7. pots

8. // 12. coffee services

9. coffee accessories

10. rugs

13. milk frother


LionsHome is an online store dedicated to make your life easier by having loads of different pages for each room. For instance I was looking under the kitchen tab and I found so many different categories, from egg baskets to coffee accessories and coffee services, everything was there! So I made a quick wishlist of everything we needed and then was clicking on individual products and was redirected to the online store of the seller, let that be John Lewis or Amazon.

So instead of me searching for products online I just found everything in one place and taking into consideration how much free time I do not have in my hands, that came quite handy!

Steven loved the idea of having a coffee machine that also has a coffee frorther attached, so we are both looking forward to having our frehsly grounded mugs of hot coffee in the morning and I am even making plans of throwing an afternoon tea/coffee party for my friends!


Of course there are other things that we need to invest too, like a nice carpet and a few useful things like mugs holder and eggs basket, to keep the place pretty and tidy, but for the time being this list will do.


So tell me now, is there anything that I have missed, antyhing that a new house needs to turn into a home?





*this post has been sponsored by LionsHome but all opinions expressed are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Natbee’s


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