Little things that make me happy #10

Hello lovelies! As I am writing this I am sitting outside in the sunshine drinking an iced latte and eating a creamy, delicious, phyllo pie that I baked yesterday. We are on a weekend getaway with Steven and Cruz, trying to make the best of sunny autumnal days before the cold winter. And it’s been such a success so far!

Anyway, here are a few things that made me smile lately::

❤ The sensation of hot sand on toes. I have missed SO much the feeling of heat coming from the ground and I am so happy I managed to feel it during my recent trip to Greece. Forever in love with this country!
❤ Sitting out in the back garden during the evenings with Cruz, drinking tea, looking at the sun hiding behind the buildings. 
❤ Being able to walk around in jeans, tops and ballerinas. Layering up is also another favourite, it makes me feel so cosy. Bliss!
❤ Pumpkin flavoured food, in every way it can be possibly served. pumpkin French toast, yum – pumpkin pie – yum!
❤ Attending tango classes at St. Mary’s Cathedral every Wednesday. Dancing makes me so happy and I cannot wait to see what’s more to come the next months!

How’s your day so far?
Anastasia x


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