Little Things That Make Me Happy #12

Good evening from the bus on my way to Aberdeen. I spent my day in the field sampling soil for my last experiment and I cannot tell you how good it feels to know that within a few months time, this three years of hard work project will be over!
I’m excited to share with you these last months of my life as a student and while working on two things at the same time, the Ph.D and the blog. So I hope you are still here with m, enjoying Natbee’s as much as I do writing these posts. Here’s what made me happy this past week:

❤ Travelling to Edinburgh and having a lovely Friday night at The Balmoral hotel with Steven and his brother Richard.
❤ Spending Sunday with Steven’s family in the countryside, if only you could see Cruz’s face when we were walking down the woods, so much happiness!
❤ Seeing Christmas trees in the windows. I need to buy mine soon.
❤ Mince pies for life. I have one for breakfast and then another one with Steven after dinner in front of the TV. Too good to resist.
❤ Vlogging my way through December. I am new to Vlogging and I still find it challenging at times, but I love the idea of capturing these little things in life and looking back whenever I feel a bit blue. Here’s my Youtube channel if you want to have a look!
❤ Getting the thick, knit jumpers out. It’s time for turtleneck looks and fake bobs.
❤ Baking gingerbread biscuits and eating them all at once. I am hoping to be able to post a recipe on the blog soon.
❤ Visiting Anthropologie, enough said!
THIS video, it’s just makes me smile everytime I watch it, it might be in the music or the macarons, but there is certainly something happy about it, what do you think?

How was your week?
Anastasia x


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