London // Happy coffee day in London

Hello, hello beautiful people? Shall we go for a coffee at St. Christopher’s place in London? Follow me…

Meet the ‘Cash Cows’ band, two funny guys who were signing Britney Spears with their own funny way

Can you see the tiny hearts on my socks 🙂

 outfit details:
Did you know that today it’s the National Coffee Day?
Well me neither, until I discovered it earlier today while flipping through the pages of the desktop calendar I have in my office. It seems there is something to celebrate everyday, but if it is a day to celebrate coffee in London then it’s fine by me 🙂

After finishing work, we jumped on the train and found ourselves in Euston. We met our friend Andreas and then walked down Oxford Street until we reached St. Christopher’s place filled with Londoners celebrating coffee!

Giorgos had some iced coffee with coffee beans on top while Andreas and I had some cappuccino, and a few sandwiches at L’Apostrophe. All were so damm good.
I love St. Christopher’s place, it must me one of the places that excites me in London the most as I get to do two of my favourite things, drink coffee and observe people.
Wearing that light pink dress made me feel that I fit perfectly in the picture along the ladies around me, who were enjoying their lunch breaks and were dressed, oh so stylish and beautifully!
Sometimes I wonder if one day I will be able wear my high-heels at work and be like one of them, but on a second thought I know that it will never happen. Ballerinas were made for girls like and I’ll embrace them fir as long as I live!
Have you ever been to St. Christopher’s place? If so, what is your favourite place?



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