Long Hair Don’t Care // Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

I remember the day I donated my hair for the Little Princess Trust like it was yesterday.

The hairdresser was shocked with my decision to cut my long, natural locks and said that he never met a woman in Aberdeen who would do this. In all honesty, I was preparing myself for this donation for more than 6 months-mentally and physically. I hadn’t coloured my hair and dried it only naturally as heat would damage the edges. The day I went for the haircut I felt confident because I was determined that no matter how good or bad the end result would be the donation was more important that a pretty face.

Fast forward, 1.5 years later and my hair has grown up almost to the length it used to be. It is still natural, I never use any styling products and still don’t bother to use a hair drier. I am pretty happy with how shinny it is and I am very grateful for my genes-thanks mum-however there is one feeling I’ve missed, having long beachy waves!

Irresistible Me challenged me to style my hair with some natural hair extensions without any professional help; it sounds frightening but I accepted! They send me a beautiful black, glossy box that contained the extensions. I got the Silky Touch in medium brown colour, 20 inches long. Everything was well packed and the hair was secured pretty well to each clip. The hair was of high quality, flat and smooth! Since it is natural remy hair, it can be washed, styled and coloured too.

The application was easier than I thought, I put half of my hair up and clipped the extensions underneath and then repeated the same for the upper layers, but you can find loads of helpful tutorials here. I tried wearing it for the entire evening and was impressed that not one clip slipped away. My head felt normal, not heavier as I thought it would be, and I loved being able to have long beachy waves after all this time!

I don’t think I will be wearing my extensions on a daily basis but they are a great way to feel dolled up on a Saturday night out or on a special occasion. Safe to say wearing hair extensions without any help is easier than I thought!

Have you ever heard of Irresistible Me? Do you wear hair extensions?

Anastasia x


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