MDFV, Day 3: Dinner on the beach, Patmos Island

We said our goodbyes to Amorgos and after a long ride among the Aegean islands we reached Patmos, the third destinations of our MDFV sailing voyage. The port of Skala, that is the main harbour of Patmos will be our home for tonight so as soon as the captain anchored the boat we got our shoes on and got back on the ground, eager to explore!

Patmos has the cutest, little shops selling floral tunics, ancient Greek style leather sandals, handmade lavender soaps, silk scarves, soft picnic blankets and of course wine; left me longing to buy them all.

As it was getting dinner time we sat at a traditional taverna by the beach and I decided to trade my sorrows the Greek way ordering ouzo with aniseed.

I got my sandals off and felt the warm stones massaging my feet while the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea made me realise how much I miss Greece.

Soon we were approached by some kitties profoundly expressing their desire to become our best friends.

For a minute a naughty thought crossed my head…

-Hypothetically speaking, I told to Steven, what are the chances of sneaking this cutie in my luggage?
Zero to none.
Damn it!

I let the cats play around our table and focused on the fishermen boats that were coming and going…and before I knew it food was in front of my eyes; seafood, fresh salad and fish-I am in heaven and I never want to come back!!!

The scrumptious taste of the famous Greek salad lies in simple fresh ingredients always accompanied by the finest of extra virgin olive oil and local, handpicked from the mountain herbs.

Like most Mediterranean counties, Greece is blessed from the Gods with exceptional soil and sunlight plethora that enables locals to produce delectable fruits and vegetables. No wonder why this simple salad is famous worldwide!

Steven got excited with the freshness of all the flavours. In fact he even admitted that vegetables in the UK taste nothing like what our tast buds were experiencing…

I have this slight obsession with calamari, so while Steven was sipping his ouzo slowly, taking in the moment, I started chewing the delicious pieces of calamari. Everytime I visit Greece I have a list of dishes I want to try and calamari is No.3 of my list, that’s how much I like it.

After finishing our food we gave the leftovers to the cats-who greatly appreciated it judging from their little dance around my feet-and headed inwards the village to buy some souvenirs for our friends back in Scotland.

A few hours later we came back to the port only to check if my friends were still there, half hoping I could somehow get this beauty in my luggage, half trying to get back in reality and enjoy the moment while the sun was setting behind the sea.

Can I relive today please?

Tomorrow we are going to the Holy Monastery of Saint John of the Apocalypse in Chora, so I’d better go to bed.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Anastasia x


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