MDFV, Day 4: Leros Island


Leros is a romantic Dodecanese island with rich history-as far back as the Neolithic period! Since then it has been occupied by many foreign powers; Turkish, Italians, British until it was given back to Greece in 1948.

Once we arrived in the island we jumped off the boat to the nearest taverna and had a light meal before exploring a bit more the surroundings.

^ ^this is the view every taverna should have if you ask me ^^

It was nice to laze in the sun and eat fresh watermelon, along with calamari and Greek salad. The freshness of the food ingredients made me lose my worlds. If you visit Greece during summer time you must eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. I promise you to re-discover the real taste of fresh and locally produced food!

It’s an explosion for your taste buds.

After eating we walked along the bay towards the Pandeli castle, but more on this tomorrow…


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