Microblading in Aberdeen

Microblading in Aberdeen

Microblading is something I’ve considered of doing for sometime now, but I didn’t know where to have it done in Aberdeen until I stumbled upon The StudioMicroblading Aberdeen

Aberdeen blogger ScotlandIt all started last year when I was visiting my sister in Greece. One of her friends had done it and her newly defined eyebrows framed her face in such an elegant way, they made her look polished even when she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. Microblading Aberdeen

Microblading The Studio Aberdeen

One day, just as I was waking Cruz I saw The Studio in the corner of Victoria and Thistle Street, a beauty salon specialising in nail and facial treatments. Her owner, Sammy, is a famous microblading specialist who frequently travels all over the UK to teach other beauty technicians about the technique and takes part in the London and Ibiza Fashion Weeks annually – the minute I spoke to her I knew she was the right person to trust my eyebrows to! Microblading Aberdeen

Microblading The Studio Aberdeen

^^ BEFORE: My eyebrows before the microblading treatment ^^

After doing some allergic reaction tests to make sure the ink wouldn’t cause any skin rash, we booked an appointment and so, just a few weeks later I found myself having Sammy tweezing, clearing and defining my eyebrows with a soft brown pencil to give me an idea of how they’d look by the end of the procedure. Microblading Aberdeen

Microblading The Studio Aberdeen

Her measuring tools reminded me of my geometry classes at school; she measured the distance between my eyebrows, the line from the end of my nose to the end of my eyes and drew my eyebrows taking into consideration my face shape and features.

At first I thought they looked quite thick but Sammy reassured me that these were just the lines to remind herself the levels beyond she should not pass and that by the end, the eyebrows would look more natural and thin.  Microblading Aberdeen

Microblading The Studio Aberdeen

She then began the needling process by gently implanting the pigment through featherweight strokes.

The microblade sounds like fine brushes scratching your skin towards the wrong direction. The sensation was very tolerable and nothing like the horror stories you read online.

More to the point, there was no blood at all as the microblade strokes are very fine and they don’t go as deep as you might think (Oh, the Youtube videos I’ve regret watching before going to The Studio!).

Microblading Aberdeen

Once the first, defining lines were done (that’s the MOST difficult part Sammy said), numbing cream was applied and I had my first sips of coffee as we had to wait for 10′ before moving on to the next stage.

After the 10′ passed, Sammy began the filling process of adding gentle strokes of ink to fill in any gaps and define the shape a bit more. She then added a final layer of pigment that stayed on for 5′, cleaned the area with cotton pads and that was it!

The whole process lasted around 40′ and it was not painful or disturbing at all!

Microblading Aberdeen

My eyebrows are now beautiful, well defined and they make my face look fresh and younger! The strokes are very natural and you cannot even tell I had the procedure.

Microblading Aberdeen

^^ AFTER: My eyebrows at the end of the microblading treatment ^^

It will take 1-2 weeks to see the final results but I am already happy with how they look. They make me look glossy even though I wear no makeup on. Perfect for the days that I am in a rush and have no time to wear anything more than a lipstick!

Aberdeen blogger Aberdeen blogger

Happy as a dog with two tails!

Now tell me, have you ever thought of microblading before?


*This post was brought to you in collaboration with The Studio, thank you for supporting the small businesses that make Natbee’s happen!



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