Money Diary: A freelance blogger in Aberdeen

Whenever I do Instagram Q&As, I always get a ton of questions about my income now that I am a freelance blogger; how can I afford to eat in restaurants, how is it possible to have cappuccinos at the local cafe every morning, how expensive is it to have a dog, even the not-so-polite one ‘how much do you make from blogging‘, so I thought I’d give the answers into an entire blog post! I tracked my expenses for a week in a Money Diary so you can see the full picture of how much I spend these days as a freelance Aberdeen blogger!

Like Kristabel said, money is not something we talk about properly. Either we think it is disgraceful to ask about it or we are embarrassed of our own spending habits. One of my friends, finds charity shopping revolting while I love it! We tend to spend our money in different ways but we still buy clothes and shoes, even though we don’t really need them – that’s the female nature I guess! We are not judgemental to each other, but I always wonder how did she buy another dress this month and she always wonders why do I spend my money on cappcuccinos when I can do them at home…

Money diary

So welcome to a week inside my wallet!

Money Diary: A freelance blogger in Aberdeen


It’s the beginning of the week and I am full of determination to study my Italian language book (did I tell you that at the ripe age of 31, I decided to learn another language?), so I get my puppy Cruz and we head to Cafe Congito, our neighbourhood cafe. I order a cappuccino and a chocolate tiffin (as seen HERE) which comes down to £4. I read as much as I can before heading back home for lunch, and before getting Cruzy out for another walk. I have dinner at home but have an intense desire for some gin so I head to Wineraks for some rhubarb & ginger Edinburgh gin (my all time favourite), some ice and two bottles of Indian tonic soda (£37.80).

Total: £41.80


I am meeting with an old colleague at the Old Aberdeen university campus for brunch. We go at Kilau and I order the chicken foccacia and some Earl Grey tea (£9). On my way back home I go by Morrisons and buy some oranges (£1.25), Onken yoghurt (£1.30) and buckwheat flour (£2.23) for a recipe that I am testing.

For dinner we ordered Handmade Burgers & Co via Deliveroo. I got the falafel burger (£8.95), with sweet potato fries (£3.95) and blue cheese mayo (£0.80).

Total: £27.48


I run out of soya milk so I run at Tesco for some in the morning. They only have almond milk which I end up buying for £1.99. Since I am there, I also buy two almond croissants (£1.40). I go out with Cruzy at Cognito on the Cross and order a cappuccino and a chocolate brownie-my favourite! They cost £4.50.

For lunch I have scrambled eggs with spinach, a side of sliced avocado at home. For dinner I cook some lentils.

Total: £ 7.89


I get my summer clothes up in the attic and get my autumn/winter clothes down in my closet. I see on Hannah Gale’s Instagram a beautiful, soft, pink cardigan from Primark and rush to get it only to end up buying a rainbow cardigan, a mini denim skirt, grey, tartan dungarees, two pairs of office skirts and two shirts for £120. On my way back home I reward myself with a takeaway cappuccino from Starbucks (£2.90). I also order an IKEA clothes rail for £14. I am aware that I spent most than I should but I feel happy knowing that I am ready for autumn!

Total: £136.9


We wake up early and go at The Long Dog cafe for breakfast. I have tea (£2.50) and smashed avocado on toast (£6.20).

My shellac nails are overdue so I buy cotton and acetone from Tesco (£3) and try to remove the varnish.

I have lunch at home and go at Howies for dinner. I get the soup of the day (£5.95) and the char-grilled chicken breast (£14.95) with a glass of white wine (£4.05).

Total: £36.65


We went at Haddo House for a dog walk and ended up at a local cafe in Old Meldrum for lunch. It cost £4.50 for my soup and slice of bread and £2.30 for a cup of tea. Lunch was at Cafe Andaluz and it cost me £18 for 2 courses. Dinner was light as we were stuffed from our late lunch. I had a tuna salad at home with a slice of sourdough bread-delish! Money diary

Total: £24.80


Today is the day I do the weekly shopping! I am doing the Get the Glow challenge, so I order all the ingredients needed for a week’s recipes (£121.7). Later on in the evening I realise we run out of tonic water so I buy two bottles from Tesco for £2.80. Money diary

Total: £124.5

So here we go, WEEKLY TOTAL: £400,002! I couldn’t have rounded it better even if I tried. Money diary

I managed to spend a bit more than I expected, but I think this is mainly due to the Get the Glow challenge, some of the ingredients are like expensive, and the Primark haul. But I really felt that I needed an autumnal clothes haul and I am glad I did it.

Do you enjoy reading these kind of Money diary posts? Let me know your thoughts!



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  • Maris
    September 27, 2018

    Pretty good overall I think. But if you’re doing a food challenge, perhaps you might want to limit eating out? I do enjoy to treat myself two to three times as well though, but try to keep it simple. Also, cooking at home during autumn feels so great…

  • Emma Blanton
    September 27, 2018

    I love reading these posts! I wish me and my friends talked about money more, I’m so intrigued sometimes-how can they afford all these things and where do they spend all of their money???!


  • Kristen from Pugs & Pearls
    September 27, 2018

    This was so interesting Anastasia! It was fun reading about your week. I think this would be an excellent exercise to do for a week to see what we are spending our money on. I might try it myself!

  • Nina Faulkner
    October 2, 2018

    Not bad at all! I think I spend around £300-350. MY weekly shopping is a bit too high I believe.
    P.S: How cute is your pup in the first pic?


    • Anastasia
      October 5, 2018

      Hehe, thanks Nina. Not bad at all if you spend £300. I found that a vegan/vegetarian spends a bit less, so it does depend on your diet x

  • Allie Mackin
    October 3, 2018

    I do enjoy reading money diaries. I have read articles like this in magazines and always find them so interesting. I spend about $7-$9 dollars a day on lunch. Not bad hun.

    • Anastasia
      October 5, 2018

      I read similar articles only twice so far and thought it would be nice to document my own expenses and then write about them on the Blog. I am so glad people liked it, possibly I should write more frequently then!x

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's
    October 14, 2018

    I don’t really have anything substantial to say, but this was a super interesting read! Maybe I’m just a bit nosy 😛 I feel like if I committed to writing weekly about my money diary, perhaps I would be more inspired to spend less haha