I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life lately. Recovering after all these years of studies doesn’t happen overnight, you know!

Aberdeen blogger

Aberdeen blogger

Before completing the writing up of my thesis I had a list of things to do for when I would be done. Now that I am done* all I want to do is get myself a job. Before, all I was looking for was these carefree days that I would have absolutely nothing to do and I would spend my day binge watching series on Netflix with Cruz in bed. Now, all I want is to get back into a working mode- have early morning wake ups and some office life. What a weirdo!

Aberdeen city


On Wednesday, I thought I should apply for a few jobs and then just when I was about to submit one application, two BIG PROJECTS came on my way, and since blogging is my only source of income at the moment, who am I to say no? So I postponed getting a job and decided to dedicate myself to blogging for a while since it makes me happy and pays the bills.One could call it my ‘professional hobby’ because this is what it really is, a hobby that turned sort of my profession. And it’s good. And fun. And I love it!

UK lifestyle blogger with dogs

UK lifestyle blogger with dogs

So, it got me thinking what do bloggers do these days and I asked you on Instagram what would you like to see the most here, on the blog, and my social media channels (mainly Instagram). The answers gave a clear direction as to what YOU GUYS want to see from me in the future, 75 % voted for more lifestyle posts, when choosing between lifestyle and fashion, and 51% voted for more travel posts when choosing between travel and food-which is a close win so I need to include food posts too. I got many of you messaging me about outfit posts too, like what I wear during a dog walk or a casual Sunday morning….

Aberdeen blogger

….which leads to today’s post! As much as I love my camera there’s nothing compared to a good, spontaneous post written while drinking coffee at Starbucks with pictures I got with my iPhone.

Aberdeen blogger

Starbucks Christmas cake

Starbucks Christmas gifts

So there you have it friends, a less sophisticated and frumpy felicity post written today from pictures I got an hour ago,speedy, speedy!

Starbucks Aberdeen

Starbucks Christmas cake

Jack Russell wearing Ll Bean coat




Coffee at Starbucks paid by the gift card Chloe gave me last week in exchange of dog sitting Freddie!

? All the Christmas cakes and decoration at Starbucks. 

? Cruzy hiding under the chairs…

? The end of my vegan journey. This is the last day of being on a vegan diet and I can tell you it has changed me more than I thought. I know many of you were interested in this mini experiment of mine so I will write a post about my thoughts and results soon. Actually, this will be my next post.

? Having a life-saving umbrella in my bag just when the skies opened. 

? Hot chocolate with soya milk at Starbucks and all the Christmas songs and decorations that comes with it.

? The brown, tartan, wool scarf that kept my neck warm all the way back home

? Lentil soup, warm, hearty, nutritional and DELICIOUS! The best kind of medicine for these frosty days.

? Pinterest, to make me dream and inspire me for so many beautiful things.

? Cruzy’s LL BEAN, grey, fleece jacket (remember THIS post?) with which he has a love-hate relationship…

Jack Russell wearing Ll Bean coat

Jack Russell Puppy Aberdeen

 ^ ^ ALWAYS hiding under seats ^ ^ 

Small dog LL Bean coat

And then it started raining, and I was so happy to have an umbrella in my bag. Cruzy was thankful for his LL Bean coat too. We went to Rubislaw and Queen’s Terrace Gardens as they are on our way back home.

Cruzy played in the mud and autumn leaves until it started pouring more heavily so we withdrew back home…

Aberdeen blogger

How’s your Sunday so far?



*I still have to go through my oral examination following thesis submission 🙁


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