Last weekend mum decided to take the plunge and come visit me in Edinburgh…

Without further ado I booked her tickets and a few days later I found myself in a train to Edinburgh. A couple hours flight delay later and she finally made it; needless to say there was no dry eye in the house, eh I mean airport.
Next day we spent it playing the tourists around the city, finding ourselves lost to places and neighborhoods I’ve never been before and never new their existence. We were laughing at the fact that just a few years before, and while I was still living in England, I thought Edinburgh was a small city. Foolish me!
Typically the University, the Greyfriars kirkyard, the Edinburgh castle and the Royal Mile were just a few of the places we visited among many. Most of the time I was playing with my new Olympus E-PL7 camera while mum was casually strolling around reading monument descriptions-not necessarily knowing what I was up to. We also did loads of shopping as mum has the tendency to buy anything floral and colourful; I can safely say she invested her money at Accessorizes!
As I write this we are back in Aberdeen as I have a symposium to attend and present tomorrow evening, however I cannot wait to show her more of the granite city the following days.

Life is good!

Anastasia x


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