Murder Mystery dinner

We have been trying to set a date on the calendar for a Murder Mystery game for a year now. We came up with the idea last Christmas but what with all of us having different schedules it took us all this time to finally find a suitable day and make it.

The Murder Mystery dinner was eventually set for this past Saturday, the 25th of January. On Burns Night!

We were all dressed according to our characters and as I am sure you could tell from my Instagram Stories from the night, some took their role more seriously than others…

I can’t take him anywhere!

{…And the award for the worst wig goes to…}

I played Marchioness Duchamp – a wild and exotic artist who didn’t hesitate to shock with her art and statements, just like you, said the boyfriend when we received our invitations including the character descriptions.

Vegetarian haggis, neeps and tatties, it was Burns Night after all!
…and cranachan for dessert!

Once we settled in our role we snapped some quick shots – I wish these weren’t blurry but that’s all I have from the night! -got our drinks and sat around the table with our notebooks and leaflets.

This was the first time I played the Murder Mystery game, albeit many of my friends who played it in the past told me it would be loads of fun, I never expected it to be so amusing! Some of us were so good it made me think there’s so much talent wasted behind our ordinary jobs and not exploited in some play at the theatre.

Spot little Cruzy’s adorable head popping out!

The whole game lasted for 3 hours which was admittedly longer than any of us had thought it would last. We had a few breaks in between, mainly to have some nibbles and refill our glasses before watching the DVD that gave us more clues on which we built our arguments.

{On this note, I’d like to say that this was the first time I ate twiglets and I absolutely LOVED them, just like marmite you either hate them or love them, right?}

Back to the game, I played my role so well, I convinced nearly everyone that I was the killer but ironically, I was the one who guessed the real killer.

Once it was all over we got back to our clothes and sat around the fire for some more drinks. Cruzy observed the whole thing and was overly confused with our wigs, weird accents and outfit choices, poor wee boy!

The next day we woke up with a slight hangover and decided to go on a 6-mile walk around the hills with the dogs. Fresh air, beautiful trees, and happy doggies running around, what better to have on a Sunday morning.

At the time it sounded like a great idea but once it started raining I felt the cold up until my bones. Once we got back home we had a bowl of soup each and shared a pot of tea but it was already too late for me as my body temperature had risen and I got the fever. You can take the girl out of Greece but the girl will never adapt to Scotland, apparently!

Currently typing this from the comfort of my house as I got the day off sick but I don’t regret a bit of this weekend.

If you have never played the Murder Mystery game I cannot recommend it enough! Don’t forget to buy some wigs too, it makes the whole thing extra more special!



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