My mum’s traditional fig pie!

When I was a child I loved autumns because every September we would go το my grandfather’s orchard to harvest prunes and figs, and it is one of the best childood memories I cherish up until today. We would wake up early in the morning before the heat would kick off, jump into my dad’s car and head to the fields. My sister and I loved this time of the year as it meant playing and chasing each other around the trees while my grandmother would regularly supply us with savoury and sweet treats.

September also meant that it was the beginning of the pie season. My mum would gather some figs in her basket, take them back home and make the most delicious fig pie you could ever imagine! As I was having my tea the other day in the office I realised that there was something missing. And it wasn’t another mince pie or ginger biscuit, it was my mum’s very own fig pie squares.

So today I am presenting you with mum’s traditional fig pie, taken straight out of her recipe book.
It makes nine squares and is the best cure for moody days.

They are gooey, smell of almond, taste of fig and have the best texture! Let me know if you try this, mum will be very pleased to know so too.

For this recipe you will need:
for the crust::
3/4 cup butter (in room temperature)
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 1/2 cupself-raising flour
zest of one orange
1/4 cup oats
for the filling::
2 cups dried figs chopped into small pieces (you can also mix with prunes)
3 medium eggs
3/4 cup sugar
1/3 self-rasing flour
1/2 cup full-fat Greek yogurt
1 tbsp almond extract
a pinch of salt
Preheat the over at 180 degress of Celsius, and grease a 20 * 20 cm square tray with butter before lining with baking paper.
Start by making the crust. In a large bowl combine the butter, sugar, flour, orange zest and mix the ingredients by using your fingers, we do it the traditional way here! The ingredients will not get entirely incorporated, you just need to make a nice crumble.
Get 1 cup of the crumbe and mix it with the oats. Set aside.
Bake the dough (not the one with the oats) for 20-25′ or until the edges get brown.
Meanwhile, prepare the filling by cutting the dried fruits into small pieces.
In a big bowl, mix the eggs with the sugar and then add slowly the flour, the salt, yogurt and the almond extract at the end.
When the crumble is ready, get it out of the oven and lay the fruit pieces across the baked crust. Then pour the filling and spread the oat crumble on top. Make sure you cover all the surface of the pie.
Bake for 45′. To make sure that it is baked, get the tray out of the oven and carefully shake it, if the pie is moving then let it bake for another 10′.
Cool to room temperature and cut the pie into squares.

Anastasia x


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