Happy Friday friends and welcome to another installment of The Friday Edit Series!

This week has been exciting for no other reason other than that I got the confirmation that I will graduate in June’s graduation! With all the stress that followed the past months it is such a rush of relief to know that I am finally done with the Ph.D. once and for all and that I will graduate at the summer ceremony! I always dreamed of graduating with good weather, so fingers crossed for warm and dry weather!

Here are a few things that sum up this week:

ONE// Returning on Youtube! With all the mess that Youtube created at the beginning of the year I was disheartened to upload any travel video or lifestyle vlog. However, just two nights ago, I found myself watching this travel vlog about Bergen and I felt so nostalgic and lucky at the same time to have captured all this! So without further ado, I decided to keep shooting footage every now and then and upload it on my Youtube channel even if it is just for my own collection of memories. Creating Youtube videos is more tiring than anything else, for this particular travel vlog about Bergen I shoot 1.5 h of material and it took me (not kidding) 11 hours to edit it! So with this in mind and thinking that most people focus on Instagram these days rather than Youtube I was let video making go and focused on other social media channels. Add to this the fact that I never really talked about me having a Youtube channel so that people could go and watch my videos (resulting in some videos having very low views), and perhaps you can understand my reasons for not having any appetite for Youtube this past year. I will certainly be back though so please let me know if there are any particular videos you are mostly interested in. I have noticed that travel vlogs get most of the views however my friends love watching lifestyle vlogs, so any help/suggestion is much appreciated!

TWO// Planning my mum’s trip to Scotland! So, my mum decided to come to Scotland for my graduation ceremony and I couldn’t be any happier about it! She will be staying with me in Aberdeen and we will travel around Edinburgh, Dundee and perhaps Inverness to  have the tour of Lochness! It is the first time my mum will meet Cruzy and the first time she will stay with us in the new flat so I am super excited for the days to follow!

THREE// Daily coffee + croissant by the beach. I mean, is there any better than this?

FOUR// My parents visiting me and my sister for the weekend! As I type this they are driving to Volos and me and my sister are eagerly expecting them as we have so many plans today for all of us.

That’s all from me now. How is your week so far and do you have anything special planned for the weekend?



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  • Shannon
    May 11, 2018

    Aww! I am so happy that your mom is coming for your graduation! That is SO wonderful.