Natbee’s turns nine! A blog anniversary & a few thoughts on blogging

Today is the nine year anniversary of the day I sat down at my old computer, typed ‘’, clicked on ‘create a blog’ option and inserted ‘Natbeesfashion‘ into the ‘Your blog’s title’ box. I wanted to call my blog Natbee’s, but since this name was taken on blogger, I added ‘fashion’ at the end to create the title. It’s been only a month that I changed it to ‘Natbee’s‘ and I couldn’t be any happier!

So nine years of blogging, boy time flies! At the beginning Natbee’s was a secret between me, my sister, mum and best friend. The reason I kept it like this is because I was mainly hung up on what people might think of me. It is a scary thing to open your life to an audience you have never met. People can be mean and criticize you, even though they have never met you in real life. Having to explain to my friends and rest of the family about the blogging concept was terrifying, so I decided to keep this little project to myself and the 3-4 people I could trust.

At the beginning I was writing about my day to day life, something like today’s facebook updates…My mum was an avid reader, and she is my number one fan up until today (thanks mum!). As time went by, I gained more confidence in my writing voice and skills so I decided to be more open about my blog, with the hope that people would find my thoughts and ideas interesting enough to be my followers.

Blogging is a lovely thing for various reasons but why I love it so much and I have been doing it for all these years, is because I met the kindest people through it. The blogging community is what matters the most to me and this has been the greatest gift of all. I never expected to meet so many inspiring, wonderful and beautiful (inside and outside) people through my hobby, so I will forever be grateful for all the friendships I have made. The amount of happiness and support I have been given is endless and it is truly the best reward.

I had never expected that my world would be populated with people I have met online, nor that I would receive so much fondness from people who stop by and read my blog, people who meet me at events and come talk to me, people who find me in the supermarket corridors and say they love my Instagram updates, this is overwhelming and it blows my mind away on a daily basis.

I am eager to see what the next years of blogging will bring for me. I am excited for all the new projects will come along the way, all the new people I will meet, all the new skills I will learn and all the challenges that will rise as a result of this brilliant, blooming industry.

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and support me through all these years, you are the greatest and I wish I could buy you all a donut (or two).
Much love,

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