Nick Nairn’s Pizza :: The best pizza in Aberdeen!

Nick Nairn’s Pizza :: The best pizza in Aberdeen!

When: October 2016
Where: 15 Back Wynd, Aberdeen, AB10 1JN.

Myself and Steven went out to spend the evening in Aberdeen city centre, and we were both so excited to dine at one restaurant that I wanted to visit as I have heard the best things from all the local foodie experts in the newspapers.

And so we went at Nick Nairn’s pizza, a newly opened restaurant that combines pizza and cakes in the same building that the chef’s cooking classes take place. The menu immediately drew my attention, it consisted of a variety of pizzas without being too heavy and overwhelming. The interior was minimal with Scandinavian influence, and to our pleasant surprise later on we realised that the waitress was from Sweden!

The chef of the restaurant, was happy to answer our questions and eventually we ended up talking about the Master Chef as we recognised that he was last year’s finalist!!!

Minutes later and he hide behind the bar to prepare our pizzas. The ingredients are all fresh and prepared the same day, however it takes three days for the dough to settle and be ready. The chef told us that they found the magic balance between low gluten and yeast content and so the pizza is ideal for gluten free intolerant people or simply for those who prefer products in low gluten content.

Perfect, now bring it on!

Of course, I ordered the garlic mushroom pizza with homemade pesto, and Steven went for the classic pepperoni, all dishes come with the same price at 7 pounds, with the exception of the garlic butter that is almost half the price, so for a top chef’s restaurant these prices are ridiculously cheap.

The pizza was delicious, the dough was unique and we both agreed that this is the BEST pizza in Aberdeen!   Both our plates arrived promptly and the pizza was nicely presented, cut in even, triangle pieces, served on the plate.

We washed down everything with white wine and six degrees North beer-for Steven.

^ ^ See that fluffy, well aerated dough? That is called magic my friends, and it was delicious! ^ ^ 

To complete this wonderful night, we indulged into some desserts, orange and almond cake for me and carrot cake with mascarpone and pistachio for Steven. To start with, the prices of the desserts were extremely low, imagine eating in the restaurant of such famous chef and having to pay only 2 pounds per slice of cake! Unbelievable!

Definitely taking the girls for an evening of coffee and cakes soon.

My orange and almond cake with honey and yogurt sauce was pure delight! I couldn’t believe that every single thing we tried was so tasty, well presented and delicious!

I think I have just found my favourite eatery in Aberdeen, and I am not exaggerating when saying that this was the best pizza I’ve ever tried in the city.

If you live in Aberdeen, I cannot recommend this place enough!

Anastasia x

*Our meal was complimentary in exchange of a review, but as always all views expressed are mine.


Anastasia is a Greek in Scotland via England! She’s passionate about life in Aberdeen, exploring new places and petting dogs. When not working she runs Natbee’s and enjoys countryside walks with her puppy Cruz.

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