North Berwick, The Biarritz of the North

Somewhere I read the following:: North Berwick is often, justifiably, referred to as “The Biarritz of the North”, whether Biarritz has ever been referred to as “The North Berwick of the South” is unknown! 

Now, I have never visited Biarritz but I have been to North Berwick a few times so I can tell you that this quaint seaside town of Scotland has much beauty to offer, especially during the summer. Steven and I are inclined to visit when we are thinking of donuts, as the famous Bostock Bakery has the best kind of donuts in the world-no kidding.

Rich in raspberry jam and butter flavour, pure delight!
But it is not only the donuts that has made this bakery famous all over Scotland, the interior is equally tasteful. Hanging vintage mirrors, brick stone walls and old style scales, this lavish decoration makes the place very welcoming to the visitors.

If you ever visit be prepared for foodporn and an inundation of carbohydrates. Deciding between the donuts and almond croissants might be a tough decision but you can always go for both!

Enough said about our brunch though, let’s go back to my long weekend in North Berwick photo collection. There are so many boats in the harbour and beautiful red brick buildings on the front (plus the famous lobster van), that make a long list of reasons good enough to visit.

In summer North Berwick streets are filled and truly crashed full of tourists, but I wouldn’t blame them there is such a happy community feel and summer vibe happening right now.

After a little exploration around the streets of the town we were not prepared for the insanely overwhelming and utterly mesmerising blues skies and stunning architecture combination.

We spent the rest of our weekend by the beach, collecting sea shells, eating and catching up. Currently I have a serious case of draw back for no apparent reason but I am sure there will be a day in the near future that we will jump in the car and drive away, en route to this colourful town.

I hope you liked my pictures of life around North Berwick, feel free to pin your heart away!

Anastasia x


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