On job hunting!

This summer marks the end of my academic career and with it there is a big sigh of relief. After 13 years of University studies and a collection of various degrees I have come to realise that spending my twenties experimenting around what makes me happy and what matters the most to me was the best life foundation. I have been through difficulties (that I shall not name because they do not matter anymore to me), but with every obstacle I overcome I became closer to who I am today, and for this I am grateful. If there is one piece of advice I could give to anyone being on their twenties today that would be educate yourself, study abroad and travel as far as you can, this is the best time to do it. And since this chapter is now closing for me, I reckon it’s time for the next chapter, job hunting!


Most people hate job hunting-with all the stress and worries it brings on the surface-it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, to me job hunting is a fun process! With every application I submit, I briefly dream how life must be if I get the job, and with that being said, a Google map image research follows… So far I have travelled to Colchester, Bristol, Liverpool and London-through the eyes of Google street maps of course! With every single cover letter I finish I take a deep breath and look outside my window in Aberdeen thinking that this might be the last time I face the Scottish landcape. And even though it is a bitter thought to have it somehow makes me happy. Oh the adventures to follow!


Since last night I have filled four job applications and I have thought every possibility of presenting myself at its best. See first impressions count more than anything else and even though I am extremely good at presenting and talking to people, I always have this mini fear inside me…an internal voice saying ‘but what if they find out about Natbee’s?‘. Shame that even though there are millions of bloggers in the UK, we still have to concider what our potential future employers might concider of us given that our blog is been discovered.


But last night something changed, I fear not anymore. I am PROUD of Natbee’s and anything I have achieved through 10 years of blogging. Natbee’s has covered everything and anything from travel to career advice since October 2007! I never have met a blogger writing on a daily basis whilst studying for the highest academic qualifications nor have I met someone being incredibly good at science, communications and public engagement at the same time. So I decided to use this and all the incredible transferable skills Natbee’s has gained me through the years to my advantage and present it on my CV. Yes you read this right. After a long list of academic achievements I now also include a list with all the big brands I have worked through Natbee’s.


It’s been exactly twelve hours since I have submitted my first job application and guess what, it has been approved and they came in touch with me asking me for available interview dates!


Never underestimate the power of transferable skills my friends! If you are in the job hunting process too, then I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get your dream job! I will keep you posted about my progress.

Anastasia x


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