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Here we are again, moving places….out of our rental flat and in to our first bought property in Aberdeen! Which is scary and exciting at the same time because boy things got real and the mortgage game is on, but am I happy to finally have money taken out of my bank account for an investment rather than another rent? My oh my!


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UK interior blogger

We’ve been living in this lovely flat in the West End area of Aberdeen for more than a year and with its good and bad times, it has been a place I will always hold in my heart as it was mine and Steven’s first flat. It was also the first flat that we got our wee Cruz (and made him a mini house under the kitchen table).


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Aberdeen city view^^view from our kitchen window^^


Before Christmas, Steven got the decision to end the contract with the hope to motivate us to buy a house quicker, and even though I panicked because the moving/viewing new properties/buying new property time, coincidences with the most stressful period of my Ph.D, I got also slightly optimistic.

{I know some of you might be thinking ‘so what’s wrong with the timing?’ but unless you have done a Ph.D that required you to work full time in a laboratory doing research AND writing up your thesis, and doing all the rest needed whistl moving properties, then I cannot really explain how truly difficult it is, which is totally OK, but please don’t call me a drama queen. This is a difficult situation to be}.


Aberdeen flat window view, Aberdeen Union Grove

^^view from our living room^^

Long story make it short, I started the flat viewings before Christmas and did a list of the properties worth viewing for a second time together with Steven. After these viewings we concluded in a property in the same street that we live now, HOWEVER the roof was in an emergency condition and we were both thankful for the home report being so eye-opening.


So we started the viewing properties process again, and we viewed more than 7 properties in our street, and a few around Old Aberdeen and Rosemount area, until it happened, and we found it! It is a lovely place in Old Aberdeen and it really has everything we need and even more. However, the home report (ah, these dam home reports) revealed that there were issues with the roof before and we had to ask the agency to send a timber specialist to check again, yada yada drama.

Currently, we are in the process of applying for a mortgage and have moved all of our things into Steven’s parents storage, bless them for their constant help.


As I am typing this, I look around the room and all that is left is my mug to have some tea before bed, a candle to keep me into hygge mood and my jacket. And it is sad and somehow makes me feel nostalgic about our time here already! I mean I haven’t physically removed myself out of the flat and I am already having tears in my eyes thinking of our times this past year.

I thought people might be interested in reading our property buying process, especially now that the market in Aberdeen is so cheap, so instead of answering messages on Instagram I will try to document everything here as mini essays.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and make some tea for the last night in this flat.

Anastasia x


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  • Wendy
    February 13, 2017

    Very best wishes for the move – it will all be worth it in the end and I can’t wait to see your new place.x


    • Anastasia
      February 22, 2017

      Ooops I’ve just seen this! Thank you so much Wendy!!! Here’s to hoping we will find a place soon and everything will be fine 🙂