Pan Asia Aberdeen is a new delight on the culinary map of Aberdeen offering dishes from Asia, Thailand and China. The recipes used in the kitchen are owned by the lady of the house and are dated back to generations and generations of her family! She has trusted them to her chefs who prepare every dish and sauce daily from scratch and create some gastronomical delicacies for the people of Aberdeen!

Pan Asia Aberdeen Aberdeen blogger

Just look at our starters and you’ll get what I mean!


Where:: Pan Asia Aberdeen, 64 Bridge Street, AB11 6JN, Aberdeen

When:: August 2017


Pan Asia Aberdeen Aberdeen blogger

On the night before boarding on my flight to Greece it was Steven’s birthday and we decided it would be inappropriate not to celebrate him entering a new decade and becoming a member of the big 3-0 party. Welcome on board Steven!


Thinking of it, that last day before leaving Aberdeen was the busiest! I met with a few colleagues were we said our goodbyes as they graduate and move to other countries, then did a bit of gift shopping for my family, walked Cruz and then booked us a table to Pan Asia Aberdeen. I think when you are in a rush you manage your time more efficiently and this is a great example of it!


Pan Asia Aberdeen Aberdeen blogger

Pan Asia Aberdeen

^ ^ This beautiful lady is Ruchi, the Pan Asia restaurant owner who did us the honour to come and introduce herself and take us through the menu. Thank you Ruchi! ^ ^



As soon as we arrived at Pan Asia, there was a warm welcome by James the manager and Ruchi the restaurant owner. James led us to our table where he offered us some drinks and a bottle of champagne in celebration of Steven’s birthday. Meanwhile, Ruchi explained to us the menu and talked to us about her family recipes and traditions. Even though she is an engineer working in the oil and gas industry of Aberdeen her long life dream was to have her own restaurant and it seems that she has finally made her dreams come true!

Pan Asia Aberdeen

Pan Asia Aberdeen

The restaurant atmosphere was very relaxing – there is a Buddha statue just next to the window, the music reminded me of a spa (later on Ruchi told me it was a Buddha bar album), and the tables are made out of dark brown wood. The relaxing ambiance is finished off with candles, white stone walls and lucky bamboos!

The menu consists of a full range of Indian, Chinese and Thailandese dishes, some of which I had never seen before or knew their existence! We ordered the Gobhi Manchurian for me, a vegetarian dish of battered cauliflower cooked with garlic and ginger in Chinese sauces, and the work fried sliced pork for Steven that came in a bowl with sauces and vegetables.

Pan Asia Aberdeen Aberdeen blogger

Pan Asia Aberdeen

Pan Asia Aberdeen

Steven loved his pork it was juicy and tasty. Spicy but not too spicy. Just perfect for his taste!

Pan Asia Aberdeen

My starter didn’t disappoint either. The batter covering the cauliflower was delicious. Ruchi told me that they use a special recipe, so it is not your usual kind of batter. It was full of flavours and I LOVED the ginger and coriander sauce that accompanied the dish. So refreshing!

Pan Asia Aberdeen

What followed though was a true feast for the eyes and not only! There is nothing better than trying food made with love and from people who are in the know –  I strongly believe that if the food is prepared by a native chef that got all the secrets from his/her mother country then it just happens to be extra delicious. And this was the case with our main dishes…


We both ordered from the Indian menu, Steven got the chicken Kadai, a North India style chicken on the bone cooked with capsicums and onions and I ordered the grilled seabass because this particular dish and how its cooked is something I have never tried before!


Steven’s chicken was delicious, falling of the bone and melting in the mouth. However, my seabass was spectacular! It was clean without any bones, marinated in Indian sauces and filled with minced prawns! It was served on a wooden board with jasmine rice, salad and a delicious refreshing sauce. Even though having a whole fish served (without having the head removed) might put some people off, I can wholeheartedly suggest it as a pescetarian option (and not only). It was nicely cooked, the prawns were complimenting the fish flavours and the rice and salad just made the whole dish superb!


I could barely finish my main as it was too much for me, but when the dessert menu came on the table I still had some space for pudding – always have, always will!


Aberdeen blogger

However, we didn’t have to order as they prepared the sweetest surprise for us.  They delivered us a mini assortment of a chocolate lava brownie, a vanilla ice-cream scoop and three Gulab Jamun – a popular Indian dessert that resembles a bit of syrup dipped, soft, donuts – and a birthday candle for Steven to blow! They also served us some mango smoothie, made out of yogurt, fruit pieces and honey, so refreshing!


The chocolate brownie had a soft heart filled with warm chocolate and the ice-cream was rich and of excellent quality. However these little Gulab Jamun delights stole my heart.


Thank you Pan Asia Aberdeen for the lovely invitation and birthday surprise. If you are in Aberdeen or passing by and have some time please do pay them a visit! It is located 5′ away from the city centre and about 1′ away from the train station! Their website is also easy to navigate and has mouth-watering images so have a look and let me know what’s your favourite dish!

We shall be back very soon.



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  • Claire
    August 18, 2017

    This all looks so delicious – I’ll have to add it to my ever growing list of places to try in Aberdeen! <3

    G is for Gingers xx