Where: Paris, France

When: December, 2015

Paris through my lens, and my oh my!

I am back in Aberdeen with a nasty cold and going through my pictures from Paris makes me feel a whole lot better- day dreaming is my specialty in case you haven’t figured out yet.
Whilst we found ourselves in Paris just after Christmas it really felt as if the celebrations were stretched out a bit-no complains here, tis the season to be jolly right? There were beautiful lights and ornaments in every corner and the atmosphere was filled with the smell of freshly prepared crepes and Nutella. Paris is a mixture of cultures, people, blue skies and white buildings. I was holding the camera in my hands constantly and was really struggling not take pictures of every building or street. It really is a paradise for the lover of good interiors and architecture.

I loved being there and I can not wait to be back again.

Have you ever visited Paris?


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