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Today it’s my mum’s birthday! We are many miles apart and I thought that the only way to show her my love and appreciation for all the things she has done for me is by writing this post.

First thing first, my mum is not your average type of mum. She is even cooler than she looks in the picture above and God knows how beautiful! She is not only my mother but my best friend at the same time. We share our secrets, our happy moments and she is always there for me to give me the best piece of advice when in need. Also she is a fashionista, so thumbs up for her, she totally rocks!
Often I get asked where I get my inspiration for this blog and the answer is always the same, from my mum. I grew up reading fashion magazines like Madame Figaro, Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire, thanks to my mum’s annual subscriptions. Due to that, I developed a fashion sense, even though I couldn’t afford buying all the things I desired. Luckily mum has a huge closet and I was pleased to wear some of her clothes. She kept reminding me that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to be stylish and keep up with trends. Style comes from natural class, she said, and now that I got older I can see how right she was.
So today I am asking YOU my lovely readers to wish her a “Happy Birthday” and be sure that she will read all of your comments, so be kind to her!
Happy Birthday mum! Thanks for being so awesome and for giving me your crazy genes. I don’t know how my life would have turned without you. Have fun tonight!



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