Yesterday it was my birthday and I had a blast with my friends in London. Its weird to celebrate that we get older each year but birthday is a special day, since its the only day of the year that you can do whatever you want and no one will ever complain! We started our festive celebrations at Leicester square eating pasta at an Italian restaurant. 
Good old friends were there for me and I couldnt be any happier!They surprised me with a  tiramisu cake with candles delivered to our table by five waiters while singing ‘happy birthday‘ to me. What a moment! Finishing our tiramisu and a while later we headed over the Icecreamists in the Covent Garden where we met some more friends and tasted delicious home made ice cream. There I blew out the candle on a second cake for the day, lucky me!
The weather was glorious and we all enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine while enjoying our candy party. I got my presents and plenty of pictures/videos as I had 3 cameras shooting at the same time. Feeling like a star and talking about friends with gadgets 🙂
We ended up at the Crows Nest pub next to the Benjamin Franklin’s house where we had a couple of beers to continue our celebrations. It couldnt get any better and I want to thank all my friends who were there for me, to enjoy and celebrate that special day. There’s nothing else I could ask for.Thank you!


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