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Its funny how some people believe that they actually know me just because they read my blog.
I came across one of these people recently and I was amazed by the determination that she had about knowing every aspect of my life.
Blogging is a great way to connect with people that have common interests with you. This blog is a way to keep in touch with my family and friends back home but it is also my part time job. I cannot deny that I have made some good friends from blogging, but foremost it is a job. I get paid to advertise products and do products reviews, as many other bloggers do.
This blog started back in 2008 as a daily diary and I hadnt realised the power of advertisement until a year ago when the first company approached me to advertise their stuff  through my blog. That was the turning point, when I realised that what I do actually interest people and I should get a bit more professional.
However, I still have the power of choice and I post selectively aspects of my life or day that I want to expose. By reading my blog or looking at my pictures it doesnt mean that you know what is going on in my personal life. You dont know me, unless you have spent a day with me or more. You have no idea what life desicions I go through or what difficulties I deal with everyday.
In this blog I have to be happy and show you a positive way of living even if I struggle with matters in my life. You will rarely see pictures of a fashion blogger in her pyjamas, without make up, going through a difficult face. This is my blog and I choose to post smiley pictures of me, even if I am not in the mood, just because I am a professional.
So just because you read my blog it doesnt necessarily mean that you know me. It means that you know what is going on in the certain moments of my life that I choose to show you. Now this might sound a bit mean but before you judge me, please think twice ‘do you really know me?



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