Personal style // Birthday cupcakes

Today my best friend had her birthday so we had a cupcake birthday party, during lunch break at the local bookshop. I love local cafe shops as they provide delicious homemade products made the same day. She had a selection of cupcakes and I got a cherry-almond tart.They were so good!
Though I was freezing, for a special day like this, I worn my sunflower dress from Sugarlips, military jacket and a khaki beret. She was wearing a black dress and a magenta headband that I did for her a long time ago. As for her gift, well luckily I didnt have to put much thought in it. She recently got a belly piercing so I bought her very first belly button ring and she was so excited! Tonight we will be going out to continue the celebrations and I promised that we wont stop dancing until the DJ gets tired of playing music. Thanks God its Friday!


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