Personal style // Cat face and confidence lessons

outfit details:
coat-Helmi (very old)
trousers, bag-Primark
Today my sister, The Londonian Girl called me to ask my opinion about a dress. I told her that she would look fabulous regardless the colour of the dress. See, my sister is my most favourite person in the world! She is a gorgeous young lady with a successful job and a bright future. She is one of these persons that if you happen to be with in the same room, inevitably you will stare at her as she is so damm beautiful! 
Even though she is so adorable, sometimes she doubts about herself, as she did today asking me about that dress. Who cares how others perceive you? I told her. You are a beautiful, capable lady and you have done it amazingly so far without any others help.  After boosting her confidence we ended up having the usual girl talk. She hung up the phone by saying “a call to the big sister never disappoints me”. So today I decided to give you some confidence lessons ladies..and your education starts now!
Life is like a game of poker with your own rules. Being confident can help you win the game and if you are confident enough, you will not care too much about how others perceive you. Life just like a game of poker has a lot of winning and loosing moments. As long as you play your cards right, you will win. Be confident and keep smiling!


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