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outfit details:
bag-gift from my sister
Going back home I realised that the biggest problem is the limited clothes collection I carried in my luggage with me. I used to have a great clothes collection here but when I moved in the UK my sister gave to charity shops most of my clothes and bags. Today my mission was to find my old dresses and jeans.
Unfortunatly jeans dont fit me well since I gained some weight the past 2 years. However dresses are still fabulous and one of those is this Mango dress I’m wearing. Also I was pleased to find all my shoes collection. I felt as if they were new, as if I was buying them again!
The akward thing about getting back home is that I’m wearing t-shirts while other people are wearing sweaters. But that is the result if you are living in a colder country for a long time.
I feel foreign in my hometown, I feel like an alien because everyone is looking at my bare arms and they are wondering from which planet I come from…If only they knewn how it is to go from -5 degrees of Celcium to +18 degrees in one day!
Tonight I’m planning to eat some local fish treats (meze) and drink traditional ouzo near the sea. 
I try to minimise my excitiment but I cant….its heaven people….it truly is!
Oh yeah and I would almost forgot that. The winner of the air balloon necklace giveaway is Marillou
 Congratulations Marillou please e-mail me and I’ll get back to you.


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