Personal style // Comfortably numb

 outfit details:
shirt-from my boyfriend’s closet
backpack, shoes-Primark
Love the city life!

 ‘Looking the wall, holding my new leopard backpack’ should be the title of this post but it was rejected due to the enormous number of words. Going through my pictures I realised that once again I’m not wearing make up, but that is what happens when you forget to take your bag with you on a spontaneous weekend journey..Also you get to search in your boyfriends’ wardrobe and find pieces of clothing that could be adopted to your everyday style, like this particular shirt that I’m wearing in these pictures.Now back to the title choice..The sense of freedom, the sense of having nothing to hide is absolutely fantastic and comfortably numb was the only way to describe my comfortably numb it is!

Have a great day!


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Hugs and kisses


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