Personal style // Fuscia and Gray

outfit details:
sweater, skirt-Bershka
blazer-Massimo Dutti
shoes, bag-Primark

Hi lovelies,
Today the weather was better than the previous days so we had lunch outside in the University’s garden.
It was a really busy day because I’ve been working in the lab since 8 o’clock in the morning and I’m still in my office writing data on the Excel and that post. However my life is not that boring as it sounds.

Sometimes we have our funny moments…and one of those was during lunchtime, while I had the most funny phonecall ever.  I was sitting in my office and then my supervisor called the office phone, to tell something to one of my collegues. I answered the phone but she didnt recognise my voice so she kept talking to me.
When she realised that she stopped for a second and then said
‘who is this?Is it Anastasia or Sophie?’
I said: ‘This is Anastasia’
Then she kept talking and after a minute she stopped again and said
‘Hold on a second, I need to talk to Sophie not you’!!!

We both started laughing so loud that I couldnt even explain to my other collegues what this phonecall was about and how my supervisor was twice confused (in fact I’m still laughing while I’m thinking of it).
Well yeah, we have our funny moments that make our busy life look better. …and at the end of the day I realise that these are the moments worth-remembering when go to bed.



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