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Summer holiday essentials

Packing might sound like an easy task to do, but in reality it takes more time than we actually think we would spend doing it. As I am travelling a lot, I have some handy tips that help me do my luggage within an hour and always get the absolute essentials plus outfits that will make me feel comfortable and be stylish no matter what the weather will look like.
Here are a few of them:
Summer holiday essentials

1. Plan your outfits ahead. 

Have a pile of your favourite clothes on the floor and make outfits that fit the occasion. Think of the basics – a pair of jeans, comfy shoes and a simple tee – and then build outfits around the weather time and taste. If you are a 60’s style girl then pile on dresses and forget my basics rule, regardless your style though always get an extra jumper or cardigan and be prepared for a chilly evening by the pool. Also, get as many outfits as the number of days you will be away plus an additional one in case an accident happens (aka chocolate ice cream melts on your white dress etc.).
Summer holiday essentials
Summer holiday essentials

2. Combine your wear and be weight & space efficient.

When going to an island you need to have day, night and beach outfits. For example an outfit for a stroll in the town, an outfit for the beach/pool and a night outfit for a fun excursion to the local bars. This might sound like too many different pieces of clothing per day but if you mix & match your clothes then you will be more efficient than ever. I tend to get many shorts with me so I can wear them with a t-shirt in the beach and a backless top at night. For the beach I get many light weight dress and/or skirts that I pair with my bikini top so I save myself some luggage weight
Summer holiday essentials

3. Don’t forget nightwear.

With time I have learned that once the luggage is filled with my day outfits I have to think of hotel wear. I will be honest with you, there are several times that I slept with my underwear because I forgot to pack in my pyjamas. That was until one night the fire alarm at a hotel I was staying went on and I had to evacuate the room immediately. I felt so bad being in the middle of the street half naked covered with my jacket that I promised myself never to do it again. Keep some space for a spare pair of shorts/top if you don’t like wearing pyjamas. Also don’t forget to get some socks and of course lingerie.
Summer holiday essentials
Summer holiday essentials

4. Shoes and bags

When it comes down to this get two of your most comfortable pair of shoes, a pair of flip flops and high heels. I can guarantee you that there is a 99% chance you will not wear the pair of high heels (hello cobble lined alleys), but just in case you need to attend an event or cocktail party you’d better be prepared than regret it. As for bags, I tend to get a small messenger bag that can hold my phone, money, keys, lipstick and sunglasses (my camera is usually striped around my neck), a huge bag for the beach and a clutch bag for the evenings.

Before leaving make sure to:
 check on the weather forecast
 get face and body sun protection creams with high SPF
 get sunglasses and a hat
 have a small bag containing paracetamol, mosquito protection spray, nail clipper and tweezers
 have phone charger 
 your passport and tickets
  directions on how to get to the hotel

Hope this helps!



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