Personal style // Jean jacket

Personal style // Jean jacket

Thanks God its Friday! I cant believe how quick this week has passed.
The weather has become warmer so I decided to wear jean jacket today at work, which brought back some memories….
When I was in Primary school I couldnt walk away the house without my jean jacket.It was like a second skin. I loved it and I could wear it with every little dress I had at that time.
However, growing up I somehow forget my jean jacket habbit and I was wearing more hoodies.
I bought this jacket last year from a thrifted shop for £1 and it made me remember the good old days.
I remembered how nice it is to wear jean jackets because they can match with any outfit.
Mom knew at some point back in time when she was dressing me with a floral dress and a jean jacket!

Also the giveaway winner for the ad space is no.29, which is Mongs from My Thrifty Closet.
Congratulations Mongs!Send me an e-mail.

Have a great weekend,


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