Personal style // My magenta flower headband

outfit details:
jeans: Lee Cooper
blazer: Primark
shirt: Zara
t-shirt: Bershka
scraf, satchel: thrifted
shoes: All Star Converse

Happy Friday!
Lately as you can see from this and the previous post, there is no way to have a photoshooting that’s not funny. Today I tried to do the long steps that those guards outside the Greek Parliament do, while they are holding their gun and wearing their traditional uniform (if not familiar with that then type ‘evzwnes’ on youtube and you will understand what I’m saying).
Also for those who know me well I have something inside me that blossoms everytime I listen to Barry White. Maybe because its one of the things that my American friends taught me some years ago and everytime I miss them I compromise with some music. His music makes my mind travel away from reality, it makes me relax and calm.
On a lighter note I created a twitter account today (better late than never) so please feel free to follow me and tweet me. Its the only way we can have direct contact and I can answer your questions.
Cant wait to meet you !



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