Personal style // Never in my wildest dreams

outfit details:
sweater, shoes-primark

First news go first. I changed the name of my Etsy shop to Natbee’s Fashion. I think thats how most people know me and it would be a distinctive name within the international Etsy market. I cant get used to it but I like it more than the previous one!
On a totally different note I’d like to talk a bit about my music preferences.
You may or may not know that I’m a HUGE fan of Barry White..
Back in high school my classmates used to laugh at me;I used to listen to Barry White while most of them were tuned into Greek pop music.
However the older I get the more I realise that they have come closer to my music taste and in sometimes they even like my playlist!Its amazing how people change preferences.Who would imagine that one day, those who made fun of me would now listen to Barry… Never in my wildest dreams!



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