Personal style // Orange Red Love

 outfit details:
jacket: h&m
trousers: set set
shoes: primark
blouse: h&m
shirt: thrifted
bag: bershka

Yesterday when I got back from work there was a letter about depression in my mail box. On the envelope it was written the name of the previous tenant, who I never got the chance to meet. I disposed the envelope in the bin and then I couldnt stop thinking about her.
This girl was suffering from depression (as many around as do) and I tried to be in her shoes for a while.
She lived in the flat I’m currently staying, she was a student as I am and she was dealing the same difficulties that I do……’I totally understand you’…my lips spontaneously spelled.
So today I decided that I wont let that letter and that bad, cloudy, dark weather to let me down.
Orange Red it is… I worn it to make me look things brighter and happily….

Conclusion: when in doubt or bad mood wear colour. It always works, trust me 🙂

Hope everyone else is feeling better. Let me know your thoughts.

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